Do the Joey Kits come with sperm?

The Joey Kits are meant to give you everything you need for a successful round of insemination assuming you already have sperm. For information on where to obtain sperm, visit our blog.

Is Joey safe to use?

All Joey Kit contents come tested, sterilized and securely packaged. They are made from medical grade materials and 100% safe to use.

How many tries does Joey take?

  • 45% of people under 35 will conceive after three cycles.
  • 65% of people conceive after six cycles.
  • 85% of people will conceive within the first year of monthly insemination.

We recommend trying Joey for a minimum of 3-6 months and 3 tries per ovulation.

Is the Joey packaging discreet?

The Joey Kits will arrive completely discreet to your door.

Can I resuse the Joey syringes?

The Joey syringes are meant to be single use for your protection and safety.