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  • 1 in 7 people have fertility issues when trying to conceive, not to mention those who can't use traditional intercourse.

  • But 90% of those people can use science (IVI, for example) to solve their fertility issues. 

  • And 97% of those cases DON'T need advanced treatment in a clinic. At-home IVI is just as effective as in clinic.

When Traditional Intercourse Isn't An Option Or Isn't Working.

"We're just like you. Joey was founded by us, a queer couple, that realized there's limited resources on alternative ways to make a baby. After successfully making our own kit and getting pregnant, we knew we had to share the love. We created at-home insemination kits to be safely and comfortably used in your own home. And they're for everyone - queer and trans people, single parents, those with diseases and disabilities, people with fertility issues, and everyone else."

- Mandy & Kristine
Our Story

"We met in our 40's, and neither of us had children. We wanted to explore starting a family together but knew it would be challenging at our age. Joey worked on our second try, and we couldn't be more grateful."

-Tam & Lauren, Vancouver, B.C